About Us

​​The Sherwood Park – Strathcona County Primary Care Network (PCN) is one of over 40 PCNs operating in Alberta. PCNs represent Alberta's strategy to reform the delivery of primary care. Primary care is a term used to describe the care that patients receive when they first contact the health system. Primary care services are typically provided by a family physician.

The Sherwood Park – Strathcona County PCN is a joint venture between a group of family physicians, representing participating physicians in Strathcona County, and Alberta Health Services (AHS) - Edmonton Zone who come together to implement a business plan to improve the quality of care and access to services for the people of Strathcona County. Located in Sherwood Park, this PCN draws its potential enrollee population of approximately 90,000 from both suburban and rural communities in Strathcona County.

We also offer some services in a variety of languages such as French, German, and Russian.


To build quality, accessible and timely integrated care to enhance the health needs of our community.


We have a dream…..
Imagine a place where your doctor, who knows you and your family, helps lead you through a healthy life. There is an integrated health care system in Strathcona County where the PCN is the keystone. In our system, primary care physicians are the driving force of an interdisciplinary team. Our system relies on a shared vision with our partners to enhance the well-being of our community.​

How do you benefit from the PCN?

The PCN has programs designed to improve the quality of the care your family physician provides to you while also increasing your ability to access your physician's services.  View our programs ​to read more about how the PCN helps your family doctor take better care of you.

Annual Report

Reflecting on a Decade of Primary Care:SPPCN_2017AR