Sherwood Park Strathcona County Primary Care Network

NOTICE: COVID-19 is placing stress on Canada's public health system. Our PCN employees are starting to offer virtual care to make sure that we can continue to care for our patients safely and effectively. This means that we will be using video-zoom for healthcare, phone and email for some patient visits rather than asking all patients to come into our office(s). We do our best to make sure that any information you give to us during virtual care visits is private and secure, but no video, audio or email tools are ever completely secure. There is an increased security risk that your health information may be intercepted or disclosed to third parties when using video, email or audio communications tools. To help us keep your information safe and secure, you can: understand that video, emails, calls, or texts you may receive are not secure in the same way as a private appointment in an exam room; and use a private computer/device (i.e., not an employer's or third party's computer/device), secure accounts and a secure internet connection. For example, using a personal and encrypted email account is more secure than an unencrypted email account, and your access to the Internet on your home network will generally be more secure than an open guest Wi-Fi connection. If you are concerned about using video, email or audio tools for virtual care, other arrangements can be made. However, please note that visiting a health care provider in person comes with a higher risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 and the possibility of spreading the virus. By providing your information, you agree to let us collect, use, or disclose your personal health information through video, email or audio communications (while following applicable privacy laws) in order to provide you with care. In particular, the following means of electronic communication may be used: email, videoconferencing (zoom-healthcare). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all group classes and programs at the Sherwood Park Primary Care Network have been cancelled until further notice. Please check back June 1, 2020 for availability.

Prescription to get Active

Several PCNs have partnered with local recreation facilities in a unique venture where local family physicians and their health care teams prescribe physical activity to patients.

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Health Link

Do you have a health concern for yourself or a child? Call Health Link by dialing 811 for quick and easy advice from a registered nurse 24/7.

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